16 - 17 november 2017
Moscow, CC ZIL

CFP is about to close soon!

Please pay attention: an important message! Despite the fact that our Review Board has been bombarded with papers for the past several months, we know for sure: not all those wishing to apply took actions! One may think that the conference will take place not until two month later, there is still some time, the CFP will continue almost to infinity… We also thought so, dear friends. However, the clock is ticking! Now there are only three weeks left until the CFP is closed. We urge those who still “ripe” and summon courage to act and take a step towards your dream!

ZeroNights speakers have the most amazing list of opportunities:

  • to become a part of the history of the largest cybersecurity conference in Russia;
  • to take part in all official and special events;
  • to share unique knowledge and skills with the community of cybersecurity practitioners;
  • to meet famous researchers, hackers, reverse engineers, programmers, and enthusiasts from all over the world;
  • to get unique 80-s’ style souvenirs, custom designed for the 7th cybersecurity conference ZeroNights.

Are you intrigued, excited, and full of enthusiasm? Welcome! Visit our website and fill-in the special form. In case our strict Review Board approves your application, all your wishes will come true in several weeks! See you in Moscow, CC ZIL, November 16–17, 2017!


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Moscow, Culture Center ZIL