16 - 17 november 2017
Moscow, CC ZIL

First time at ZeroNights! The Old School zone!

Do you like surprises? Well, here is one. This year, at ZeroNights we have opened a gleaming magic portal to another dimension – the dimension of the 80s: mind-blowing parties, video games, first family PCs, and, of course, RetroWave music.

The Old School zone is the place where Sega players will commence fierce battles with each other. There, you will be able not only to stare at but also to touch old computers. Mesmerizing music by Retro Wave Radio is included.

Member, Hackerman? Oh, we member! Do you want to be like him? We have exactly what you need. Original, 100% genuine Hackerman’s glove! All in all, the Old School zone is just the place for those who either miss those good old days, or have missed them and do not know what they were like.

If you feel like it, put on your best 80s outfit. Those participants wearing the most stunning costumes will get special gifts. Suit up, come to the Old School zone, and check in. You will not be able to pass by!


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Where to find us?

Moscow, Culture Center ZIL