16 - 17 november 2017
Moscow, CC ZIL

HackQuest by the DC7831 and DC20e6 teams at ZeroNights 2017!

In the year 2525, if men are still alive they may find a mega-syndicate ruling the digital world. Big Brother is watching your every step; your behavior is optimized and set, according to the goals of those with power. The population of the Earth prefers walking away from the imperfections of their world to a digital one. The economy of this new world order is built on public credits given to everyone from the moment of birth. Crypto-currency has turned out to be the false prophet of economic progress and has not saved the world. All loans and credits were moved to the Ethereum blockchain controlled by the syndicate. But, there may still be hope. There may still be the rebellion that struggles to save the world that is not worth a farthing.

Join the rebellion of the DC7831 and DC20e6 teams in its HackQuest. The whole syndicate must learn of your peaceful ways by hacking!


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Where to find us?

Moscow, Culture Center ZIL