16 - 17 november 2017
Moscow, CC ZIL

Web Village

This year the new Web Village site will be opened for two full days. There, you will gain insight into advanced web application attacks and have a chance to play the role of an attacker, get to know how the web works, participate in contests, and many more!

The first day will be devoted to client-side web application attacks. We will learn how to evade security measures to exploit vulnerabilities in modern browsers and take actions on behalf of the victim. We will also see that clicking the links sent by strangers is a bad idea.

On the second day we will discuss server-side attacks. We will look into the nature of vulnerabilities and learn how to find and exploit most of them: from typical web server configuration mistakes to execution of arbitrary operational system commands. Even if you have zero experience in web, you can ask questions and dive into the world of web vulnerabilities with us!

Web Village is a place where one can talk about web, Bug Bounty, awesome findings, and funny situations. Welcome!


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Where to find us?

Moscow, Culture Center ZIL