16 - 17 november 2017
Moscow, CC ZIL
16 November

For the Greater Good: Leveraging VMware’s RPC Interface for fun and profit

Track 1

Virtual machines play a crucial role in modern computing. They often are used to isolate multiple customers with instances on the same physical server. Virtual machines are also used by researchers and security practitioners to isolate potentially harmful code for analysis and review. The assumption being made is that by running in a virtual machine, the potentially harmful code cannot execute anywhere else. However, this is not foolproof, as a vulnerability in the virtual machine hypervisor can give access to the entire system. While this was once thought of as just hypothetical, two separate demonstrations at Pwn2Own 2017 proved this exact scenario. This talk details the host-to-guest communications within VMware. Additionally, the presentation covers the functionalities of the RPC interface. In this section of the presentation, we discuss the techniques that can be used to record or sniff the RPC requests sent from the Guest OS to the Host OS automatically. We also demonstrate how to write tools to query the RPC Interface in C++ and Python for fuzzing purposes. Finally, we demonstrate how to exploit Use-After-Free vulnerabilities in VMware by walking through a patched vulnerability.


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Moscow, Culture Center ZIL