16 - 17 november 2017
Moscow, CC ZIL

Thomas Dullien (aka Halvar Flake) started work in reverse engineering and digital rights management in the mid-’90s and began to apply reverse engineering to vulnerability research shortly thereafter. He pioneered early Windows heap exploitation, patch diffing/bindiffing, and various other reverse engineering techniques. In 2004, Halvar started zynamics, a company focused on reverse engineering technologies. He continued to publish about reverse engineering, ROP gadget search, and knowledge management technologies in relation to reverse engineering. In 2011, zynamics was acquired by Google, and Halvar spent the next few years working on defensive technologies that leveraged the then-hot buzzwords big data and machine learning. In summer 2015, Halvar received the lifetime achievement Pwnie and decided to take a year off to travel, read, and surf.


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Moscow, Culture Center ZIL